Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the hazards of living with an herbalist

repost from my old xanga blog dated april 9, 2006

(inspired by greg's comment this morning as he peered into a pan simmering on the stove "what is this?!")

herbs can be found growing in all sorts of places in the house
herbs12  herbs1

there's always something brewing on the stove


jars and jars and jars of dried herbs take over the pantry shelves and products too!

no matter what the season, there are herbs hanging around, drying
herbs2  herbs7   herbs6

the counters are inevitably covered with jars of tinctures and other forms of herbal preservation

herbs4  herbs5

you can usually find fresh herbs in a basket that are waiting to be used or processed or dried
herbs11   pokeroot

herbal books and recipes are always piled up within easy reach
herbs9  herbs10

mortar and pestles are tucked into nooks and crannies

and they tend to live by the seasons instead of the gregorian calendar


JoyceAnn said...

Hi Kristine ~ Wonderful post , my hubby says that often too (LOL). I left a message about the challenge on one of your older post , but I'm not sure if you read it.
I've posted my journal cover and a little bit about my 2011 herbal ally on my " Herbal Spirits " blog.
Thank-you for the inspiration !!

Love that you have dandelion growing in the house , plan to try that next winter. I would love to have a few leaves around for my salads over the winter months.


nettlejuice said...

I love this. Yes, we do offer some challenges to our house companions, but a great many benefits as well.

We have the ecological calendar as well.

Love and light.

Stephany said...

I remember this post! LOL I sometimes miss the xanga days.

It remains as true today as it was then; our husbands are wonderful, wise men to put up with our messes, aren't they?

Cote Garceau~Saez said...

What a great post!! definitely I will make my husband read this... he can not believe the mess I have between herbs and books, and tinctures and like you said... "there is always cooking in the stove"... Loved it!!
Thanks! :0)

tansy said...

thanks joyce ann, i hadn't seen it! for some reason, i don't get notified of your comments...agh! i'll have to figure that out...i'll get everything updated and come over and check yours out right now!

Sarah said...

It looks just like my house - although I haven't got as much growing inside, just aloe vera and rose scented geraniums. My husband calls me "Little Miss Messy" but cleans up after me in a loving, long-suffering way. His other complaint is "I can never find anything and I'm never sure if you've put something in it which won't really go well on toast!" He's ok, now he's discovered the hidden stash of honey in the outhouse!

tansy said...

ahhhh, but he should beware because you never know when that stash of honey is herbally infused! ;)

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