Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spending Time in Nature on a Daily Basis

Give time every day to be in nature, to purposefully deepen my connection to the Anima, to the plants and all the forms and powers of the living Earth.  Describe any significant experiences of feeling directed, nourished, healed or inspired.

(1/11)Today, I had to get outside was last week when it snowed. The flakes were so pretty coming down and when I gazed out into the back yard, the snow covered cedar tree beckoned and i had to go out and photograph him. I was drawn in by the snow gathering on the rough bark and watched patterns forming on the branches and needles as the snow thickened on the tree.  I felt more alive when I came inside after spending that quiet moment under the tree.

(1/15)Today I made a point to go outside and enjoy a few minutes, even though day was waning and it was below freezing. The snow on the ground and the skeletons of plants inspired me to get my camera and take a few moments photographing them. Evening Primrose, Nettles and Wild Cherry all caught my fancy and I took delight in examining them closely in their naked glory. The open pods of the evening primrose, the dried seeds of the nettles, the snow covered bark of the Wild Cherry were all naked and waiting in anticipation of the longer days and warmer sun to return in all their glory.

Snow is so much fun because I can see what animals have come and gone...i saw rabbit tracks, deer tracks, chicken tracks (ha!) and cat tracks. I love to watch them meander in the snow, wondering what their destination was as they passed through our strip of land.

(1/16) greg and i walked through a local park to collect cottonwood buds today. as i was picking them up, i felt compelled to break a twig and inhale the amazing smell. we were mostly alone, no one really goes to a park when it’s cold and snowy outside, at least not around here. it was peaceful and i started to observe. birds chirping, lots of them, almost like spring or summertime. tracks in the snow, a larger bird, maybe a wild turkey? although it seemed smaller. a smaller 4 footed animal such as a raccoon or possum that was walking a wavy path and left drag marks in the snow...rabbits, deer.

i looked up at the Cottonwoods, so tall and mighty, their limbs arching down while the buds pointed up to the sky that was blue. i laid against a cottonwood and felt his energy melting in to me. i kissed the tree and thanked him for his generosity. looking down, i noticed the moss on the tree, clinging, green, fresh in this moment of cold and snow.

the cold was getting to me, my hands were painful and numb, my body chilled but my spirit refreshed and my mind wide open.

(This post to be updated as necessary as it is a journal of my activities for my mentorship with Kiva Rose)


Stephany said...

I've been thinking on those mentorships. I want a one-on-one relationship with a teacher in the worst way. I don't want to be another faceless name in a distance education program. I've been doing that for so long now.

I really NEED someone to connect with me as a person but the only herbalists within driving distance eats her young. I've two friends who took her intro course and had horrible experiences.

tansy said...

what if you chose an herbalist that does correspondence such as kiva that you know and knows you?

her course is actually more than just herbs, it's more of a personal thing to work on yourself and your way of thinking and doing, if that makes sense...

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