Friday, January 14, 2011


tomorrow i'll be posting my journal cover and linking to anyone else who has a posting about their cover as well. if you'd like me to add you to the blog roll, leave me a link!

i'll be posting challenge #2 as well.

i'm enjoying this journey already. knowing other people are following along and participating is helping me to focus on it and actually do it instead of just thinking about it. thank you to everyone who is taking this journey with me! you were the kick in the butt i needed! :D

i'm also working on more creative journaling by using my watercolor pencils and doing borders and color washes and sketches to make it more flavorful. my reason for doing this is because this is a year long journey of discovery and learning, i want the memory of it to be as beautiful as the actual journey. it will be a memory book of sorts, something to look back upon over the years. and, it's more fun too!

a few months ago i found irene brady through another blog, i believe handbook of nature study's blog. irene offers ebooks that range from $10-25 and have lessons in sketching nature, art journaling and using watercolor pencils that i highly recommend if you are wanting to work on your art journaling skills. i just reviewed them again and picked a few new tricks that i had already forgotten about. i definitely need to review it more in detail when i'm working on my sketches for herbal roots zine! (the sketch above is one of my cover designs for next month's issue.)

anyway, i'm looking forward to everyone's cover designs tomorrow!


Christine said...

I won't be ready tomorrow and must work my route but I will try and get it finished up this weekend. I just got my book (had to order it) so I am a little behind :).

Looking forward to it and seeing others!

tansy said...

take your time christine, the cover can evolve as your journal does!

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