Wednesday, January 26, 2011


How is everyone's research going? Are you finding out lots of fascinating things? I sure am. And not just in my research (which I'll share later in the week) but also in my infusions.

My infusions of late are quite green! I had 2 separate jars of nettles stored away from last year's harvest, one from the spring, sometime between mid-April and mid-May and the other harvested in September, both from young plants that had not yet flowered.

The difference was more than noticeable. The color, flavor and aroma were very drastic. I thought I could get away with harvesting in the fall from new plants but after seeing the above infusions, I'll only harvest for food in the future!


karisma said...

Green looks lovely! I am still waiting for my new books to arrive. I think I know the ones I have off by heart. I am finding the "book learning" a little repetitive! Very much loving the open hearted (receptive learning). My secret love of herbs, trees, plants, the earth in general, is coming out again. I think I squashed it for a while.

Herbal Ally aside I find myself drawn to all herbs and weeds etc as I am out and about. This week especially I am hearing the call of the Eucalyptus trees. Like I have time for this is a is just up the road....(oh dear, if I spend any more time studying, my man is going to send my kids to school) We are the exact opposite in everything so my wild heart drives him nuts! He is of the opinion that I need to not only educate the children but socialize them etc as well. There is a rather long debate right now over one child and going to school! :-( I am struggling which is not helping with my learning etc.

Ah well, such is life! Hugs xoxox

tansy said...

i don't find the socialization part the hardest as my kids are social butterflies. we must have play day at least once a week or they go insane. lol. now, getting around to the boring stuff (history, math, english, etc) that's my downfall. :) we could do art and reading and science all day long w/o a problem!

yes, i'm that way with the herbs too....i am pulled in all directions by them. typically the repetitive research is boring for me too but i've found a few good books that think differently help a lot with this...and don't worry, we'll be getting back to some more touchy-feely stuff the next week. :)

Plantain said...

That is one gorgeous infusion!!

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