Monday, January 3, 2011

a new year is upon us

wow, 2011 already!! in honor, i posted some freebies over at herbal roots zine, including a 2011 printable monthly calendar. if you are needing to print out a calendar, feel free to use it! it features the herbs that will be in each month's issue of herbal roots zine for this year.

i haven't forgotten about the herbal ally challenge and plan to get to that soon. also, another reader and friend stephany suggested i start up a bi-monthly challenge around gail's 10 steps as a sort of encouragement for everyone to deepen their herbal journey. anybody interested?


Kathie said...

I'd be up for the herbal ally challenge

jenny miller said...

I second that!

Stephany said...

I'd be up for both, honestly. I am all about reconnecting to my herbie-self this year.

If you are too busy, I could host the 10 step challenge from my blog but I figured since I got the idea from your blog, you should have first "dibs" LOL

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