Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Tree Year 2011 - January

I'm creating a special edition of Herbal Roots just for the Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference and this year's edition will be all about Juniper so I thought I'd begin my studies with photographing the lovely tree in my yard. I am unsure of the species but I will be researching it so I can learn more about it.

At the Ghost Ranch, there are 2 species of Juniper: Juniperus monosprema and J. scopulorum. It will be interesting to see how the tree in my yard compares to them.

 A few years ago we had an ice storm that took out the top of this tree. He used to be twice as tall as he is now but I still find him just as magnificent.
 I was relieved that we didn't have to cut him down entirely. At first it looked pretty bad.

 This tree is such a joy to have in our back yard. During the summer, we often have a tent pitched under the left side for our wwoofers to stay in.

 Still standing tall and proud. Looking up I can see forever.

 Vacant bird house, waiting for his summer visitors to return.


karisma said...

Gorgeous! I LOVE trees! Looking forward to reading about your discoveries.

Stephany said...

We are talking about tearing out some weird hybrid bushes in front of the house and putting in hawthorn as sort of a hedgerow. I don't know if that counts as tree or not. We kind of consider them shrubs in Iowa.

tansy said...

darcey is doing hers on hawthornes. i think it's a great idea to put them in. i have a bunch of ratty bushes i'd like to do that to but greg likes them because they bloom little white blooms in the spring...

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Tree Year! It's interesting that an ice storm can shorten a tree like that. I really like the bird house :-)

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a beautiful tree, i look forward to following it through the year

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