Saturday, January 22, 2011

Herbal Ally Challenge #2 Completed

Every day this past week I made nettle infusions to drink. I drank them warm, I drank them cold and I drank them at room temperature.

I had one noticeable difference in energy levels after drinking the infusion, a day when I was extremely tired. I drank the nettles within a half hour and then felt a boost in my energy. Not large but enough that I didn't feel the need to lay my head down and take a nap.

The nettles I am using were wildcrafted from my property over the past growing season. The first batch I used was harvested later in the summer, early fall. I had found a late patch starting so I harvested it. Even though it hadn't gone to seed, the difference between that and the second batch I used when that one ran out was amazing!

The second batch I harvested in the spring. The dried leaves were darker green than the previous batch and when I brewed the infusions, the color of the infusion was more green and darker.

In addition, the taste was different as well. There was a fresh, green taste to the infusion. Much more flavorful. Great lesson in harvesting time periods!

The infusions themselves were mild with a metallic/bitter aftertaste. It was cooling and astringent.

As a slow acting tonic, I didn't expect to feel much of a change after this week. I will continue to drink infusions as often as possible. I do feel a slight upgrade to my energy level but I wouldn't say it was drastic.

How were your infusions this week? Did you have anything noticeable happen while using them?


Other notes about nettles this week:

As part of my anima medicine woman tradition mentorship, one of my assignments is to spend time in nature daily. I made it a point to go out and photograph herbs in winter. I found my stand of nettles next to the garage still erect, with dried seeds still dangling. It was neat to be able to observe them in winter.


Challenge #3 will be posted shortly.


Karisma's post on her week of infusions with Tansy


karisma said...

Interesting about the different harvesting times. I have been thinking a lot on the difference between using fresh harvested plants as opposed to dried.

Off topic here but I have used Lemon Balm a lot for anxiety for one of my girls, and she pointed out the other day that the dried herb does not have the same effect as when I give her fresh picked and brewed tea. Interesting. We also infused a bunch the other day then refrigerated it for a nice refreshing cool drink. (its been a bit hot down here this week) Lost all of its "happy" feelings. This of course has had me pre-occupied with living energies etc. I am easily distracted so study in any form becomes an interesting time! LOL

My post on infusions is up. Thanks for hosting these challenges. I think sometimes a push in the right direction is a great help for easily distracted types like me. I have learned so much already in the past two weeks.

Hugs xoxoxox

tansy said...

dried is better than fresh. i'm not sure i went over that in my post, i will need to go back and check it.

the reason being, dried herbs's constituents and minerals extract better in water than fresh herbs.

your lemon balm adventures are a good example of this in showing how different forms of the herb are best used in different ways depending on how you need them.

Stephany said...

There you have the second one. I am just typing up the third now.

Stephany said...

There you are. I am working on typing up the third challenge just now.

Yzzy said...

This is the omly part i've read about that utterly freaks me out!! i am scared of infusions because i never know if the herb"s going to be nasty or toxic or what. lol. im still a bit confused about the terms "nourishing" and "toxic" and have no clue how long to brew my ground ivy. lol. just throwing out my concerns. He he...

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