Thursday, April 30, 2009

i've got sunshine on a rainy day...

this has been a non-stop week for me...on the road 3 times this week, 2 more than usual for me.

i have lots of photos to upload, i'll have to break them up in posts. i also have some exciting news for some partnerships with herbal roots and some other local mamas. i'll be announcing the first one tomorrow!

yesterday was my birthday and i was given some of the most creative wonderful gifts...

this was a card nina made for me...the cake is mud, decorated with dianthus blossoms, the candle stems are violet blossom stems and the flames are dandelion blossoms...the wishes are dandelion seeds. isn't is beautiful? i'm going to try to frame it.

this is a drawing rebekah made of me. isn't it amazing? she is so talented. it's full of symbols all about me. the herbs at the bottom are chickweed, bluebells, yarrow, motherwort, violet and dandelion.
she also makes these awesome pendants. this one i picked out. it has a forest scene with mushrooms on the front:
and a darling owl on the back:
jaden picked out this beautiful butterfly:she sells these in her etsy shop. she's out of town this weekend but she'll be back online on monday.
greg got me a really neat spirally windchime. i need to put a hook up so i can hang it and photograph it.


Gina said...


What beautiful gifts!

fullfreezer said...

Happy Birthday!! What beautiful pendants, and I love the drawing.

JoyceAnn said...

Happy belated birthday ! Wow ~ Love your gifts , they're wonderful. I'm going to check-out those necklaces.

~ Special Blessings ~

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