Thursday, July 17, 2008

and the collection grows!

we returned home late last night (8pm) after leaving tabitha's house at 10am. tabitha sent us on our way with 2 polish chickens she had gotten as a freebie with her chicken orders. i'll have to try to get the picture caleb took of the black one riding on one of the sheep's back on the way home. greg loves these chickens and wants us to get more...

amadeus (not up to posing this am, he was too busy scoring some grain).

what?! you were expecting sheep??? well, here they are:

our first 2 sheep, unnamed at this point. both are about 3 months old and very shy. i was giving the red one a back massage though and she was digging it. her eyes glazed over and her head started drooping. she was in sheepy heaven. a few more of those and i'll have her eating out of my hand!


Danielle said...


My N-Cs are very shy also. Only one will let me scratch her, and she'll only let me near her—no one else. I keep thinking that I'll win over the other two one of these days, but so far no luck.

Robbyn said...

I love the sheep pics :)

Gina said...

They're beautiful!!

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