Saturday, July 19, 2008

lazy days

today, i finally decided to do something productive so i went to the orchard to check on the peaches. they are slowly ripening but something else caught my eye...
i can't believe it!! after 3 years of nothing, the plum tree is fairly loaded. and they are delicious! i am very excited. plums are one of those fruits that i LOVE but never get to eat. we ate most of the ripe ones, the ones in the picture i picked up off the ground. i hope they will ripen soon.

fruits and veggies are slowly trickling in finally! tomatoes are orange. soon! the pattypans are more prolific than the zucchini. i have baby spaghetti squash that i need to start tying up as i have trellised the vines. the tomato plants overnight seem to have leaped and need trellising asap or i'm going to have a disaster on my hands. the green beans are pathetic this year. hardly any came up. i need to attempt to plant more and see if i can get some late harvests in.

moondog was hot and decided to cool off in the kids play tub. ahhhh, thanks kids for filling this up for me!

wet dog alert!

by the way, why aren't any of my guy readers signing up for the free gift package? my gifts do not discriminate against the sexes! i promise you will not be disappointed! there are still several days to enter. no purchase necessary. valid in the united states and canada only. offer void where prohibited by law...


Ron said...

Wow, those plums look awesome. We just now had to add yet another fruit tree to our plans. :)

I would have signed up for the package... but I was afraid it would be the phallic mushroom. LOL


Tina said...

If you pick peaches before they are ripe will they ripen? We find some on the ground but I've been putting them in the compost.

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