Friday, July 11, 2008

independence day - week 11

since i'm struggling to get the garden in again this year due to my rambunctious toddler, i thought taking the id challenge would be a good moral booster for me. i try to practice this idea anyway during the growing seasons so it's a great reminder of how much i really do even when it feels like i don't.

wow, friday already? it feels like this was a wasted week. our 1st wwoofer of the year arrived this week so hopefully, production will go up.

1. plant something:
^transplanted astragalus, banana trees
^buckwheat (cover crop)
^hay/pasture seed

2. harvest something:
^eggs, milk
^purslane, asiatic dayliliy, lady's thumb, dianthus flowers, pansy fkowers, daylily flowers, peppermint, clover leaves, lemon balm, nasturtium for salads
^rosemary, thyme, summer savory, parsley, chives, dill for cooking
^pattypan squash (1)
^potatoes (finished harvesting red)
^clover blossoms
^chamomile, lemo balm, thyme, rosemary for tea

3. preserve something:
^clover blossoms

4. prep something:
^greg bought me 2 antique (but useful) cherry pitters for our anniversary
^bought (another) herb book
^made another batch of soap (patchouli)

5. cook something:

6. manage your reserves:
^took wether to friend's petting farm (he was a previously owned pet and came to us with the stipulation that he wouldn't be eaten)

7. work on local food systems:
^sold eggs and jellies at local farmer's market
^bartered with produce vendor: milk for veggies
^emailed chef from local restaurant to follow up on earlier conversations of supplying herbs
^ok, it's not food but i taught the wwoofer how to make soap

8. reduce waste:
^use canvas bags at grocery store and farmer's market
^re-use egg cartons for our nest run eggs
^use our metal water bottles when we go out

9. Learned a skill:

1 comment:

Gina said...

Cool anniversary gift!

happy belated anniversary, BTW

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