Friday, July 4, 2008

independence days - week 10

since i'm struggling to get the garden in again this year due to my rambunctious toddler, i thought taking the id challenge would be a good moral booster for me. i try to practice this idea anyway during the growing seasons so it's a great reminder of how much i really do even when it feels like i don't.

wow! 10 weeks already?! where has the time gone.

1. plant something:
^transplanted comfrey, oats, curry, astragalus, tansy, scarlet pimpernel, winter savory
^sowed more chamomile, dill, chives, amaranth, summer savory, cilantro
^lettuce, pumpkin

2. harvest something:
^eggs, milk
^herbs, flowers for salads

3. preserve something:

4. prep something:
^purchased 50# pasture seed mix to start sowing pasture/hay fields
^scores at auction: fuel tank to store gasoline for tractor or kerosene for winter heat supplement, glass pie plates to make ahead meals and freeze in, wooden pulleys, ice tongs (for carrying blocks of ice), dual wash tubs on stand, corning ware dishes

5. cook something:

6. manage your reserves:
^30 more broiler chicks arrived to be raised and eaten
^chicks in incubator are hatching

7. work on local food systems:
^sold eggs and jellies at local farmer's market
^bartered with produce vendor: milk for veggies

8. reduce waste:
^use canvas bags at grocery store and farmer's market
^re-use egg cartons for our nest run eggs

9. Learned a skill:

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