Sunday, July 6, 2008

the view from my kitchen window

this is my 'altar.' i bring my problems to this place and meditate on them as i wash dishes. the window sill is always littered with pieces of found nature...shells, feathers, rocks, pine cones, acorns, crystal, branches, leaves, flowers, dried bits. it also contains some stones that say 'faith,' 'joy', 'love' and 'trust'. there's an incense burner and an oil burner as well, gifts from greg from over the years that are multitasking tools (the incense burner is where i put my tea ball to dry before emptying the contents).
looking beyond the window sill, the view is of part of the gardens...herb and vegetable. daylilies, echinacea and mint fill the foreground. flowers dot the borders...dianthus and pansies mostly. the garden surrounding the birdbath is filled with rue, daylilies, marshmallow, comfrey, lavender, butterfly bush, dill, catnip, lemon balm and plantain to name a few. i am currently thinning out this garden and moving the bigger plants to a more appropriate area in the new herb garden, to the left of the garage. the greenhouse, cheap as it is, has served its purpose. it has housed (and is currently doing so) day old broiler chicks, turkey poults (who are now happily thriving in the goat barn), lots of seedlings and transplants. soon i'll be starting our fall veggies in there. eventually, it will be moved away from its location and a summer kitchen will go in its place, filling out the space to the right of the greenhouse to the stone path that is barely visible in this picture. this is the last of the the right there is a fire pit and circle and i hope to build a sand pit for the kids to play in before this summer is over.
the stone path is barely visible (click on the photos and they'll enlarge to show you many things, including lenny drinking in the bird bath). but beckons me to wander down it to the farther out gardens. there more herbs await me...dill, mugwort, chamomile, st. john's wort, ashwagandha, marshmallow, motherwort, chives, spilanthes, poppies, lemon balm, valerian, basil, feverfew and astragalus, just to name a few. their path leads to the main vegetable (and weed) garden. beyond our property, the farmer has planted soy beans this year after a harsh 3 years of corn. the ground has got to be sucked dry of any bit of fertility. at the far end of that field lies a tree line and beyond that, the 'mcmansion' house, home of the annoying neighbor with a para glider. we always joke about what it would take to bring him down, everything from discussing using a bow and arrow with flames to a hand held missile. seriously though, the guy gives me the creeps every time he flies over us, i feel like he's spying on us and seeing what all we have going on around here. i don't like the invasion of privacy.

next time, i'll show you the much less glamourous view out my side and front windows!

what do you see out your kitchen window?


karl said...

it is nice to have been there and see the changes.

Steph said...

beautiful! I'm ready to come pitch a tent in your yard. ;)

Gina said...

Your herb beds are lovely! My view is not nearly as nice (work-in-progress!!)

Polar Bear and The Dodger said...

thank you for that, what a lovely post. i love your altar. that is wonderful.

Nita said...

Your kitchen windowsill looks like ours - the flotsam and jetsam of life. Your yard is much nicer than mine, I love your herbs and flowers. We have the regulation redneck hop trellis - a hog panel, that we sit under on our patio, which is the old milkhouse foundation.
Why don't you plant a message for the neighbor in flowers that he can read when he flys over... Maybe that will cure him.
Great idea for a post.

christine said...

i love your blog. u r such an inspiration for us beginners :)
Keep it up.

christine said...

i tried to put my url in, but i dont think i did it right, so here it is...

Ron said...

Everything is so green! Tis a beautiful view from that window.

Arrow with flames sounds like the most fun to me. :)


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