Sunday, July 13, 2008


we went to a friend's house 1 1/2 hours away last night to see the house they are moving into and need major help for renovation ideas. it is their parent's house and is very interesting. it originally was a dug out barn and was added on to several times. the father loved low ceilings and doorways so the house is very hobbit-ish. it is also dark as there are few windows and no windows that actually open. they want to lighten it and update a few things. i'm totally in love with the place, it's quirks and all. i love hand built houses. it was added on to by mark, his brother and his dad w/o permits or following any codes. i think when greg gets through drawing up plans and they follow through with the work, it is going to be spectacular.

there are so many fun things about this place. there is a scottish village of these little buildings (also hand built by the father and a crew he hired) with built in alcoves for beds and fireplaces and all. there is also an indian village with a few long houses. it is just a magical place. i feel that every time i go there.

tomorrow, we (5 of the kids and i) head off to the omelay's! we are spending a few days there to relax, visit and teach soapmaking then we are off to pick up 2 of our new sheep, 2 lambs that are 3 months old. jaden is very excited to see kassi again and i know adelena is excited too get her quidditch buddies back for a few days. we'll be bringing tents and the kids will be camping in the back yard to keep the house a bit serene and unchaotic since there will be 8 kids running amuck.

our wwoofer is great. she is very sweet and her 3 year old is adorable. he's a bit of a handful, reminds me of what sage will be like when he's that age and is always competing with jaden and sage but it's been fun. greg likes her too which tells you how good she is. he couldn't stand our wwoofer from last year.

the garden is growing like crazy (at least it seems that way with the height of the weeds). lots of promising green tomatoes so here's hoping!

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Have a safe trip!

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