Saturday, July 26, 2008

i am a non-conformist

it's true. it's been popping up all my life that i just don't fit in with the 'norm.' some examples are:

-i celebrate the solstice instead of christmas every year
-most the gifts i give for solstice are handmade
-all the gifts are wrapped in recycled paper (lehman's rocks with their packing paper. one order a year from them stocks me with enough paper for solstice and all the birthdays!)
-i hate shopping. i avoid malls at all costs and only make it into grocery stores and other department type stores when absolutely necessary
-i use cloth wipes instead of tp
-i bathe only a few times a week (less in the winter)
- i'd rather butcher a chicken for dinner than run to the store
-my definition of convenience is having a pasture to put my goats in instead of tethering every day (i'm still waiting for that convenience!)

there are others like me. others who would rather bake bread from scratch and culture their own yogurt and cheese. those who sew their own clothes instead of buing the latest fashion. and now, a few of those others: kathie of two frog home, gina from cauldron ridge farm, robbyn of the back forty, phelan of homesteading neophyte and jessica of practical nourishment to be exact, will be co-blogging at the new brain-child blog kathie put together called women not dabbling in normal. each of us host 1 day (i'll be posting on thursdays) and on fridays, there will be a q & a day for all of us to join in on. kathie kicks it off tomorrow. please stop by and check us out. we're all homesteaders and we're all out there!


plantainpatch said...

Hi tansy,

I related to many on your list but the one about Lehman's packaging brought a smile to my face. I am glad to know I am not the only one who thinks their packaging paper is so nice. They always send so much also!

Brad Carter said...

I have loads of respect and awe for your lifestyle, even though I could never do much of it myself. I've really enjoyed reading your blogs over the years.

I've subscribed to your new one and will be a regular reader. I'm a blog addict, and I subscribe to a lot of blogs that involve frugalness and other earthy things. Once your new one gets going, I'm going to write to the people who run the other blogs and I'll get them to feature yours. I bet they'll do it. I've gotten pretty good at getting other blogs to feature my own things.

karl said...

when ron almost quit i was considering something similar only with advertising for financial support. my reasoning was going to be in an effort to keep his wisdom out there.

alas he's back though.

this might be a project better suited to start in the winter months. i have a good idea that i need to research. if the technology exists to accomplish all my goals maybe i'll try to for a form a similar coalition. financial incentives for all contributors will be the cornerstone.


tansy said...

plantainpatch - they do pack a lot! i was unpacking some yesteray and i couldn't believe the amount in there.

brad - you mean house sitting for us while we went to colorado didn't turn you on to country living?! if you would have had to milk the goats, i bet it would have! :P thanks for the support on the new blog! really, i didn't have much to do with it, i just show up on thursdays and answer questions on fridays. kathie is the one who did all the work!

karl - darn that wishy-washy ron! thank goodness the www is big enough for the two of you. :D i think your idea is a great one though. i hope you find the time to get it going. and why wouldn't you??? you have so little going on right now. ha!

Danielle said...

My little one had a freak fever on Saturday as well! She was over 104 degrees, cause I do have a thermometer (which I don't hardly use but I coudn't beleive how hot she felt). I rotated baths and 2 doses of Tylenol. It took a good 24 hours to subside. Awful! It totally sucks your goat got the beat down by the bees. We've had bees for going on six years now and I'm just waiting for our turn down awful alley with them. Hugs to you. I am excited to read the new blog with the other ladies. I think there are more of us non conformist (to mainstream society that is) out there than anyone realizes. It's fun to have company in that...

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