Monday, July 28, 2008

kombucha offer

i have several mismanaged kombucha scobies that are going to die if they don't find a new home asap. 3-4 to be exact. 2 are quart jar sized, 2 are gallon sized. if anyone is interested in starting their own kombucha brew, email me your name and address and your size preference (small can be made larger by putting in a larger jar) and i'll be happy to send them on their merry way.

stellaluna_0429 AT yahoo DOT com

ETA: they've all been spoken


Kelli said...

I had to google this because I didn't know what it was. I have never had any. I'm kinda curious. I love iced-tea and hot tea in the winter. WHat does it taste like? I wanted to say that I found your blog thru Kathie and have been lurking for quite a while....guess it's time to speak up. Congrats on the new blogging adventure.

tansy said...

depending on the brew time, it tastes similar to vinegar but bubbly. it can be flavored with dried fruits and put in a rubber stopped bottle to make it more bubbly. we mix it with juice. my 3 year old loves it.

Brittney said...

Oh my! I just emailed you! I've been searching for baby Kombucha's

Kelli said...

If you ever have more available I would like to give it a try. I'm really curious....besides I love vinegar.

tansy said...

kelli - emsil me your address, i should have another one soon.

Kelli said...

Thanks.....I will.

Ron said...

The way Karl has raved about these things, and now you dispersing them... one of these days my lazy fingers and slow modem are gonna read up on them. :)


tansy said...

ron, email me if you are ever interested in trying it out.

Barbara said...

I, like Kelli, had to google this because I had never heard of it either.
BTW, I just recently found your blog and am learning a lot from you.
Maybe next time you offer the scobies, I'll be quick :)
Barbara (in Tennessee)

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