Thursday, April 2, 2009


yesterday, i finally got my seeds started...a bit behind, i know! i wrote about using soil blocks over at not dabbling today...

i sowed:

22 rose tomatoes
28 amish paste tomatoes
4 ground cherries
4 yellow pear
8 pimento peppers
12 diamond eggplant
12 rosemary
6 luffa
6 zucchini
6 yellow squash
12 sumac
2 boneset
2 belladonna
1 eucalyptus
1 uva ursi
1 anise
1 eyebright
1 caraway
1 black cumin
1 cinnamon basil

plus, i direct sowed kale, poppy and stinging nettle. of course, now that i've gotten my act together, it is supposed to get down to 29 monday night. my peas, chard, spinach, lettuce, radishes and cabbage will need to be covered. i can't do anything about the fruit trees though, they are too large to try to cover. i'm hoping 1 night won't hurt them. it really sucked 2 years ago when we got that bad freeze for 3 nights. no fruit that year.

today, 2 good friends are coming over. there will be 5 boys and 1 girl running amuck while we sit and chat it up. thursdays are always fun days! better go make some bread so we have something good to munch on!


Stephanie said...

I got my seeds started early but I fear that I am too early. DeSoto weather has been beyond wet and cold with teasings of warmth. I might lose the plants due to not getting them in the ground

Anonymous said...

Hi Tansy,

How are the seedlings doing? Any new pictures of them?

How did you end up liking the block maker?

Take care


tansy said...

karyn - no updated photos...i've been neglectful in that department this year. however, i have baby zukes and yellow squashes! i should be harvesting them in a week or so which i think is a record for me.

this is my 2nd year using the block maker...i really like it.

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