Sunday, April 5, 2009

not buying it - week 4

spring is definitely here...things are in full swing even though there's snow and freeze advisories out for this evening, i will NOT lose faith! this time of year is exciting for me because there is so much potential and regeneration.

i am impatiently waiting for the barn swallows to return. we usually have at least 2 dozen that live here. they are the real signal that spring is here. they are usually here by now. soon!


-repairing a few articles of clothing
-getting ideas from a friend to jazz up items, picturing a new skirt in my future...

-sowed more seeds outside: kale, poppy, stinging nettles, calendula
-transplanted valerian to divide it
-harvesting violets and dandelions
-made tortillas by hand for lunch. yum!

-reusing plastic bags for trash bags

-diligently shutting off power strips each night for computer/dsl and tv/dvd player (this is especially important right now while we are incubating eggs and raising chicks with grow lights which sucks the electricity)
-making sure lights are off when we are not in the room

-jaden and i decorated greg's gift with drawings and blessings. she handmade him a card (i bought him 2 books a few months ago)

exercise/self improvement
-knife throwing
-writing in a new journal that i purchased a while back
-sketching ideas for my next 8 or so tattoos (they are addictive and i'm behind). i hope to barter tattoos for herbal salve for them to sell to their customers. i have been wanting many more for a long while and i've finally started putting the ideas down on paper. and deciding where i want them located on my body.


-borrowing a friend's waldorf curriculums to get ideas for jaden

-went out with a friend and only spent $1.25 on some tea so we could sit in the coffee house all evening and talk...alone!....without kids tugging at our skirts....heaven!
-bought an ice cream cake for greg's b-day (a real treat for him, he LOVES those things)


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