Monday, April 13, 2009

weekend report

we had another doe freshen this weekend...another single birth buckling. grrrr! and he's so cute too. i really wish he'd been a doeling so we could keep him. alas, life on the farm, he's a boy and we've no use for him so he'll be eaten.

we also attended a friend's birthday party and made him a cloak/cape out of a blue velvet curtain panel i purchased a year ago at the thrift shop. it was such a hit here i had to make one for jaden and nina too. i'm still working on nina's because i'm making hers fuller and that means the hood is fuller. i'm trying to wrap my mind around how to adjust it easily to make it a bit smaller.even though we don't celebrate easter, our family does so we spent most of the day running around visiting everyone. quite annoying considering greg and i both had a long list of items we wanted to tackle, including butchering the remaining 5 broilers. i guess that will wait until next weekend.

we had hoped to till up the garden so i could plant onions and potatoes but the 2" of rain we received on thursday and friday prevented us from doing so. we got more rain last night and more is predicted for today, then a 3-4 day dry spell. we are planning on tilling on friday if the weather holds.

i did get my blackberry patch moved. it's always standing in water this time of the year so we decided to move them to a bit drier spot since they haven't really flourished in their location. i'm hoping they will take off now. we have a huge wild blackberry patch at the back of our property which gives us loads of delicious blackberries but we pay the price every time with the thorns. the ones up in our garden are thornless. i'm hoping to add raspberries this year. i have tried twice, in the former location and they didn't take, probably because of the water. so, hopefully putting them in the new location will resolve that problem as well.

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Gina said...

O, the cape is so cute (so is the model!)

I am having the same difficulties up this way (rain and wetness preventing the potatoes and onions going into the garden). Grrrr...

I also had a similar weekend. Busy at in-laws even though it is not one of my holidays either. Kids had fun though so can't complain, I guess.

The lil' buck is cute. I miss having kids. I am looking forward to a calf any day now (I hope).

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