Wednesday, April 29, 2009

what i like about you...contest winner

jaden drew a name and this month's contest winner to receive a free copy of may's herbal roots is leslie and evan at comfrey cottages! congratulations!

leslie wrote about her experience with violets:

this weekend 3 of my grandchildren and i spent the day gathering violets. wish i could post pics here, but since i can't here is the link to the picture of evan, age 8 gathering
he ended up being my most diligent picker. anyway, i guess we have enjoyed the comraderie of working together harvesting and then making the beautiful violet jelly! the stories have been a huge hit also, and i am sure none of the kids can walk by violets without viewing them with a new eye. an eye like a budding herbalist kristine. so i guess my favorite thing about violets as they have been an easy way to get the kids involved in learning to gather wild plants for food and medicine. we love herbal roots!!! thank you so much for the time and effort that goes into creating each issue! great big hugs to you:)

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comfrey cottages said...

awww thank you jaden and christine! we are so thrilled and can't wait to get started with all the dandelion recipes and stories! thank you so very very much!:) you can send it to the addy plz. great big hugs and thanks!:)

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