Sunday, April 19, 2009

not buying it - week 6

-sewed button back on jaden's dress to make it wearable again
-patched a play dress we borrowed from a friend

-eating lots of dandelions
-made yogurt from our own goat milk
-roasted a chicken (from our broilers) and made 2 meals from it using only items in the pantry
-sowed oats

-reusing plastic bags for trash bags

-diligently shutting off power strips each night for computer/dsl and tv/dvd player (this is especially important right now while we are incubating eggs and raising chicks with grow lights which sucks the electricity)
-making sure lights are off when we are not in the room


exercise/self improvement
-knife throwing
-writing in a new journal that i purchased a while back
-soaking in waldorf philosophy

-hatched out chicks!
-brought home irises, asian lilies and asters from a friend's house to start a new flower garden
-marked off area for temporary sheep pasture (still needs to be hotwired)

-borrowing waldorf education curriculums to get ideas for teaching jaden
-borrowed earthways from library to get ideas
-watching muzzy french dvd's and cd-roms (level I & II) borrowed from library
-made play dough with old white flour and iodized salt (that we will never use to eat), kool-aid and food dye for coloring instead of buying some

-got lazy about checking due dates on items and had 40 cent fine at library...this happens much more than i'd like to admit

-lousy in this area but have plans to work on 2 problem areas in house this week and as time permits


Anonymous said...

Can I jump in late on this idea of yours? I need to tighten up the belt a bit and this might be the kick in the pants I need. I love reading your updates even though I don't comment on them.

Gina said...

I so so so have the same weakness. I owed 2.50 to one of the libraries I use and 5 dollars to the other one. Two weeks just zooms on by me without my noticing, so I just consider it a donation to a good cause, LOL!

I am going to start this challenge next month!!

tansy said...

kathie - the more, the merrier! it does help to see what i've cut back with. and when i pay bills, there's always money in the account now! bonus!

gina - :D we get 3 weeks here for books PLUS a 1 day grace period so i truly have no excuse! not to mention, i can renew them online. too much on my plate...

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