Monday, April 20, 2009

violets - what's your favorite thing about them?

we have a large patch of violets out by the barn. they keep growing and growing and they are so beautiful that i let them. i am also transplanting a bunch to grow by the sidewalk next to the back door. they are very hardy so once they are established, if people walk on them, it won't hurt them. plus, there will be a beautiful splash of color to greet us when we walk outside. i can't think of anything better than that!

today's activity in herbal roots is for its readers to share their experiences of violet with me for a chance to win a copy of next month's edition for free! tell me herbal roots subscribers, what have you enjoyed most about violet? what crafts or recipes were the most fun for you?

please submit your experiences by monday, april 27. on tuesday, april 28, i will pull 1 name out of the basket!

good luck!!


comfrey cottages said...

this weekend 3 of my grandchildren and i spent the day gathering violets. wish i could post pics here, but since i can't here is the link to the picture of evan, age 8 gathering
he ended up being my most diligent picker. anyway, i guess we have enjoyed the comraderie of working together harvesting and then making the beautiful violet jelly! the stories have been a huge hit also, and i am sure none of the kids can walk by violets without viewing them with a new eye. an eye like a budding herbalist kristine. so i guess my favorite thing about violets as they have been an easy way to get the kids involved in learning to gather wild plants for food and medicine. we love herbal roots!!! thank you so much for the time and effort that goes into creating each issue! great big hugs to you:)

Anonymous said...

my favorite ting about violets, now, is that when we are out in the lawn Anatoly will crouch down and graze the flowers off of them!

Shamana Flora said...

i love munching on the sweet flowers and demulcent bitter mild sweet leaves as I hike in the mountains.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if I can purchase wild violet starts. I have a perfect spot for them.

My daughter loves violets so much that she has changed her name to Violet. Well really, Sunbeam Violet. She changed her brother's too. He is Sendeec Butterworth. Not sure where that came from. He's two so now if you ask him his name he says "changed to Sendeec." It makes me laugh.

Does that count as a violet experience? ;)

Sarah said...

I give my workshop students violet leaves to chew - something none of them has ever done before! I made lots of violet double infused oil last year and use it insted of or in conjunction with marchmallow oil when I want a mucilagenous component to a salve

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing about violets is the gorgeous color. I have never seen anything so beautiful in the wild as a violet. (Grape hyacinths come close, but they're more cute than beautiful.) We just came in from gathering them, because the lawnmowers are coming tomorrow, and the "weed" whackers came by today. We live in an apartment complex, and they haven't had the first mow of the season yet. I will post pictures of the mass of violets and dandelions on my blog, because I've never seen so many before! Anyway, we are going to make violet paste from your Herbal Roots. I hope we can go out and gather more before they mow.

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