Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ask and you shall receive

we sell eggs and raise about 70 layers plus a handful of roosters. some of the layers are past their prime and will be culled this spring for stewing hens. promise.

anyway, we currently are getting 2-3 dozen of eggs per day. that's a lot of eggs. we are scrambling (no pun intended) to up our client base as we've upped our hen numbers originally to keep up with demand. it's a delicate balance.

and so is the balance to keep ourselves in egg cartons. currently, we have about 6 dozen eggs, possibly more, floating around in bowls in our fridge and in our 'larder' aka the basement as we have run out of cartons.

what to do? purchasing them online sucks (costly and wasteful). so, freecycle to the rescue. i put out a request last night and now have about 100 cartons in reserve for us! plus a few requests to purchase the actual eggs which is a bonus i hadn't thought about when i posted the request. i hope freecycle doesn't feel that is against the rules since they approached me to buy them while offering free cartons.

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knitsteel said...

I've got 2 grocery bags full of paper egg cartons. I take them to the dump, but leave them where they are easy to find and pick up.

I wish I lived close enough for fresh eggs.

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