Friday, February 29, 2008

what a week!

trying to plan for this year:
-ordered 25 broilers to arrive april 13ish set 1 of 3 for the year; next go around i'll add guineas (maybe) and turkeys

-ginger and cinnamon are both due early next week. i've been doing the ligament check several times a day. i'm not concerned about ginger since she is a pro but this is cinnamon's first time and she is too young (accidental breeding, she just turned 1 yesterday). her udder is bagging up nicely, teats evenly spaced but still tiny. i think she'll be an excellent milker. luckily her little sister lavender doesn't appear pregnant.

-trying to track down my seed order from heirloom acres seeds. it's been 3 weeks and i called today and left a message w/o any response, very rude in my opinion. i may not order again as i cannot stand poor customer service. i was drawn to them because they are local. and open pollinated.

we have a whole 'to do' list to fill out our weekends this spring. things to make our lives easier here, make routines run more smoothly and move forward with plans. hooray!

-gutter on barn and water tank for collection
-same on shed for goat's watering trough
-enlarge watering hole and maybe get fish
-conventional garden up and running with soaker hoses
-goat pastures
-till areas for grain/hay growth (farmed area, behind barn, chicken yard area)
-set up mini greenhouse
-build chicken tractor for broilers

indoor/rainy day type stuff:
-convert garage into apothecary
-sump pump
-goat barn
-root cellar (shelving/bins)
-wainscot in kitchen

today jaden and i started broccoli and cabbage seeds. we are behind but better late than never. this weekend i hope to direct sow some hardy things and next weekend start tomtoes and peppers.

this year is operation self-sufficiency.

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Kathie said...

Good luck on all your many projects! Also, I'm seething with jealousy over outdoor planting plans already - my garden is still covered with snow...

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