Monday, February 11, 2008

wardrobe re-fashion

i'm not a part of this wonderful group but i love the idea of it and have done this myself on numerous occasions. i love this dress idea from a men's shirt. i was organizing my fabric bin this weekend which consists of old clothes and fabrics that i've collected. several caught my eye so i started matching them up. i plan to make jaden's summer wardrobe from them:cotton and linen: top left -cotton pillowcase, bottom left - cotton fabric, right - greg's linen shirt that has worn out on the collar (all three were originally from thrift stores)
cotton: top left - pair of cotton swim shorts that ripped beyond repair, bottom left - swatches of fabric cut to cover canning good lids (from garage sale), right - fabric gifted to me by friend
cotton and silk: top left - fabric from clearance sale, bottom left - pillowcases from thrift store, right - silk shirt from thrift store that ripped
linen: left - fabric found in remnents bin at fabric store, right - leftover fabric from my commitment ceremony dresscotton: left - leftover from business projects (eye pillows, shoulder wraps, etc), right - pillowcase from goodwill

stay tuned to see what i come up with!

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