Monday, February 4, 2008

this week: zone 3: the playroom

this week, my focus will be on cleaning the playroom. in my binder, i have a cover page i've decorated to inspire me to achieve a fun place for the kids. the cover page is followed by two more pages:

page 1:


Goals for Playroom:
-to have a clean, organized room that is a fun area for the kids to play and learn in and for adults to relax in
-utility area for laundry to dry in during winter

Trouble Spots:
-table is constantly cluttered
-drying racks constantly clutter the room
-cold, drafty by south windows and door
-diaper area is messy

Things I’d like to Accomplish:
-paint room
-hang world map
-buy and install ceiling drying rack
-find fabric and make curtains to keep out cold and bright sunlight as needed

and page 2 which gives me a checklist of what i need to get done that week:

Playroom Focus Cleaning:

clean out paper storage cabinet

move furniture and wash wood floor

clean off/dust bookshelf

organize all toys on toyshelf

clean off table

straighten fabric bins

dust ceiling fan, ceiling/corners for cobwebs

wipe down switch plates, doors and frames

organize desk drawers

organize diaper area

polish wood stove/clean off glass

dust pictures on wall

the 2nd page has checkmarks so i can mark off as i do it. there are plenty of blank slots at the bottom so if i need to, i can add items i forgot since this is my first time through this page. once i get the zones all tweaked out, i'll laminate the pages so i can mark them off and erase when i'm done with the week.


ladyofvirtue said...

I just wanted to stop by and see what I had inspired you to, and I just wanted you to know that you are an inspiration as well!

I love how you have decorated your pages--I get tired of all of the expense that goes into things like this. "scrapbooking" is meant to be just that-- "scrap" booking. I am planning on making a "go to" book for homeschooling and using your scrap technique to cover it and decorate it.

I had never thought of cutting the pages first. What I have done is to use the greeting card template in my word processor, with two pages to a page, then cutting them to size after printing.

You go (in Jesus) girl!


crumbsonmyfloor said...

Just found your blog, love it. Hope to stop by again.

Visit me this month I am hosting a give away for a child's book.

Take care,

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