Friday, February 22, 2008

carbon footprint

i stumbled upon a great website that has a calculator for measuring usage of carbon. they are challenging people to use 10% of the us average. when i plugged in the numbers, i came up with:

R4A Calculator summary:
Transport: 17%
Elec: 32%
H&C: 88%
Trash: 3%
Water: 21%
Goods: 16%
Food: 50% local, 25% dry, 25% wet

i may be off on a few of these as i had to guess on a few of the numbers (trash, transport, goods, food) since i didn't have receipts for those numbers but i estimated them high i think for us. also, the propane usage and wood usage i may have overestimated too.

the 7 categories page was a great resource for breaking down the different carbons we use and explains in further detail how to rate yourself on these things.

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karl said...

R4A Calculator summary:
Transport: 15%
Elec: 23%
H&C: 14%
Trash: 10%
Water: 35%
Goods: 33%
Food: 75% local, 17% dry, 8% wet

fun but difficult to judge.
most of our goods purchases are investments in the farm kinda stuff. tabitha might answer this completely different.

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