Monday, February 11, 2008

this week: zone 4 - the living room

this week's cover is a work-in-progress.

this room is a breeze. i may end up moving some things around to add to this zone such as the front porch or the main stairs. i almost feel like the kitchen could use 2 weeks in the rotation.


Goals for Livingroom:
-to have a clean, organized room relaxing and comfortable for entertaining
-plenty of book storage area
-toy free zone

Trouble Spots:
-book shelves get cluttered
-my parents don’t feel comfortable (no sofas to sit in)

Things I’d like to Accomplish:
-paint room
-install ceiling fan
-find fabric and make curtains to keep out cold and bright sunlight as needed
-get rid of papasans and get a sofa

living room focus cleaning:

move furniture and clean/wax wood floor
clean off/dust bookshelf
clean off tv screen and mirror
organize media cabinet
wash rug and blankets
dust ceiling
wipe down door/window frames

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