Thursday, February 14, 2008

tapping for sap

here are a few photos of my tapping set up. pretty basic but does the trick. i hope this helps you tammie!

this tree was big enough that i could place two taps on it. they are over 4" apart.

a close-up of the actual tap. i drilled it with a 3/8's drill bit in about 2". the end of the spout is in the opening of the bottle. i used a twisty tie to secure the bottle via its handle onto the spile. i tried a few different methods, this one was the easiest to remove for emptying purposes and tight enough to keep the bottle from moving a lot during winds which can cause the spile to drip the sap onto the ground.


Herbs~Art~Family~Love said...

Tansy your blog is really cool
Be blessed!

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Thank you Tansy! I understand now. It was just a little hard picturing it when I have only seen buckets used. Now I have to do some experimenting with our 2 trees... Hopefully I get it to work.

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