Saturday, February 2, 2008

our first eicfbd was a success!

this morning, we obliged in eat ice cream for breakfast day (thanks phoebe for reminding us of this annual event). the kids complained greatly that we were having ice cream instead of oatmeal's the best part of parenthood, being able to torture kids like this!

yummy goodness for all!...starbucks ice cream and homemade toppings galore! we had fudge sauce, whipped cream (real of course), peanuts, almonds, pecans, coconut, chocolate chips, sundrops, cookie dough, waffle bowls and sugar cones

sage's dream came true this morning!


mom! don't take my picture when i'm eating....or playing...or reading...or anytime! (teenagers!)

ridge models his cone hat

jaden learns what happens when you bite the bottom of the ice cream cone

strangely, i still feel hungry....could this be why this is not a common practice?! i think i'll go cook me some bacon and eggs now.


Phoebe Gleeson said...

yay! yum!

shannon said...

Glad to have caught up with you again, mama - the kids are all so big! I don't know when I lost your blog trail, maybe when you left xanga? Anyhow, big hugs from a very pregnant mama! -Shannon

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