Thursday, February 14, 2008

binder template pages

frugal upstate mentioned for another source of half page templates. browsing around, i found some great templates (italicized print is copied from site, regular print are my own notes on the pages):

square foot gardening template - Used to plan out a Square Foot Garden plot. Decide what you want to plant, find out if that plant has any likes or dislikes with other plants. check Wikipedia for one list (, determine the spacing needed and then lay it out in the grid on the bottom. Once everything is placed where you want it take it out and start planting.

monthly receipt envelope - This is just another envelope for your receipts. Last year, I used the official receipt envelopes by Doug, but by the end of the year, I was quite tired of all the work it took to cut out, fold and glue them. I thought they were a bit too complicated, so one day, while playing with a piece of paper, I came up with this idea for folding and cutting. The form is just the weekly expense form I made last year for the template contest that you can find somewhere on this site.

2 to a page planner - i really like this style. i may have to use it in place of my existing weekly planner that i created!

budget planner - At the beginning of the month, fill in the income and expenses you expect for the month. Include how much you will save for emergencies, debts you will pay off, and money you will give away. The difference between your income and all the other things should equal $0. Live on this budget and then fill out the "actual income" and "actual expenses" sections at the end of the month to see how you did. this is open it in excel, plug in all the numbers then print it out and put it in your binder for use.

there are 9 pages of templates that cover a variety of themes plus the diy pages/kits.

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Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

Isn't that just a great site? I could waste a lot of time browsing around looking at all the productivity forms :)

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