Sunday, March 9, 2008

7 random things

i'm supposed to post 7 random and/or weird things about me. define weird.

1. i bathe once a week or less

2. i cleanse my hair (with baking soda and acv) about once every 2 weeks, sometimes less, especially in the winter

3. i don't wear deoderant and only stink when my body is purging toxins

4. i wish the consumeristic world would disappear and leave me free to be me on my farm

5. i hate shopping. i would rather butcher a chicken and clean it than go to a mall.

6. i go barefoot most of the time during the summer. (drives greg nuts when i walk into the coop barefoot and out in the yard/garden where there is old broken glass---i've never been cut and i've stepped on numerous things).

7. i use cloth instead of disposable for everything: diapers, wipes, kleenexes, napkins, pads and even toilet paper

i tag anyone who wants to play along...i know this has been out there and i think most everyone i've read has done it at one point or the other...


squire said...

WoW!, that is some list.

Brad Carter said...

I've limited my daily hot showers to just 30 minutes.

Baby steps for em...

suzof7 said...

That IS some list! Well, I LOVE shopping, but would also love to butcher a chicken or 40, though not all at once!

I was also tagged by LOV-ie - just stopping by to say hello!

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