Wednesday, March 26, 2008

headlights on when wipers are required

that sign has always caught me off guard. i mean, i get the gist of it but i tend to read it as such:

headlights on when wipers are...required

i think it's the way the words are lined on the sign:

headlights on
when wipers are

for some reason, it reminds me of how yoda talks.

anyway, that's a sign seen in missouri, one we saw a few times today as we headed to se mo to pick up a baby buck. we got him for free from the people who sold me basil last year. seems she forgot to disbud this sweety and the new owner didn't want him in her dehorned for 4h herd.

he was born around the winter solstice. he's bottle fed and very friendly. currents names in the running are: licorice (although i envision a black w/white goat with this name), hawthorne, comfrey, walnut or burdock.
he's not much bigger than rue because he's a bottle baby. teats are best!there's always a chicken wandering about...(and a kid or two)here's a long overdue picture of thistle and her baby. i'll start intigrating them into the herd next week. i was ok doing it with the buckling because i know the herd he is from and they are disease free.
feebee and danielle: self suckers aren't real common, it's just my luck. but, she may not be, there may be something else going on. as a precaution i'm giving them a special herbal dose of wormer and some immune tincture just to be safe. it is not related to age.

knitsteel: we will be eating our wethers (we have one that's long overdue for butchering). greg wants to sell the nubian though to recoup our costs on purchasing her. we have an interested buyer.

hillbilly: goats are the funnest animals ever. i love their playful attitudes. they are addictive. watch out! you'll be raising a nice milk goat before you know it, just like those chicks! ;)

up next: my soil block maker review!

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hillbilly2be said...

Hey! Quit taking so many nice pictures of goats having fun! If you keep it up, I may have to get one. Or two. Or... :)

I'm enjoying all of your pictures and information. It's so much easier to picture things than when reading a textbook or article on the Internet. I just saw that you posted on the soil block maker - yes!


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