Monday, March 3, 2008


it's a boy! mama and baby (and grandma) are doing fine. i had to help a bit but all ended well. as soon as he was born, ginger (grandma) started cleaning him up. mama just lay there, exhausted. i rubbed him down a bit then placed him by her head and her mommy instincts kicked in. everything happened in an extremely delayed manner.

he's a bit smaller than the average kid which is why i was hoping for a single birth...twins would have been very tiny.

he looks a lot like his daddy. i'll post pictures in a bit.


CatHerder said...

Love the last picture...hence the reason my husband would never allow me to get sheep or goats when we were living in a rural area...he KNEW they would wind up in the house somehow. Great blog!

ladyofvirtue said...

you've been tagged!

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