Sunday, March 16, 2008

homestead highlights

i clipped 57+ hens and 3 rooster wings today. haha! take that you scoundrels. no more flying the coop and busting into my garden during the day. it took about 20 minutes and i was sore afterwards. you don't realize how much it takes out of you to grab that many chickens in a 5 x 10 coop until you're there. i may take a bath tonight and soak in epsom salts.

greg tilled some of the garden and we planted 20# pontiac potatoes. still have 40# to go - 20/yukons and 20/kennebec.

still have 5 bunches of onions to plant.

tomato seedlings are doing well. i hope to transfer them out into the greenhouse sometime this week. as soon as i can get the rest of the soil block recipe together (waiting on greensand and colloidal phosphate to arrive) i'll be starting a bunch more seedlings out there.

i'm hoping to acquire 3 new nubians tomorrow...a mama and her two 2-week old doelings. this would increase our herd greatly. plus, i'd have 3 non-related does to breed my baby rue to this fall...the babies are not dehorned so they'd fit in our herd. the mama is so we may sell her.

tuesday, i start purchasing cow's milk from a relative's brother for butter making purposes. we need much more goat's milk before i can attempt this with their milk and i've got a great deal on the cow's milk. and, it's raw too.


Life at Dogfight Cove said...

I'm really enjoying your blog, you've got so much going on these days. It's fun to follow along.

Gina said...

Nusy, indeed! I have no idea how you do all that you do. I have been feeling so much like throwing in the towel of late.

Your posts are inspriration, though.

Gina said...

oops, typing in the dark-that should be "busy" LOL

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