Monday, March 3, 2008


ginger is on the right, cinnamon in the middle and her sister lavender on the left. the two on the left are ginger's kids from last year.
cinnamon just lay there while ginger started cleaning up the mess. lavender watched.

i moved the buckling over to cinnamon where she started licking him.

isn't he adorable?

jaden thought so...i brought him inside to warm up.


shannon said...

A huge boy at that, lol! Glad everyone's doing well. Will he be a herd buck? A pack weather? Meat?

Kathie said...


knitsteel said...

Congrats on the new kid (or kids?)

Steph said...

He's gorgeous!! Congratulations!

Gina said...

Oh, I forgot to add this to my email: I noticed you have pigs as possible future purchase. I can attest that they are not only cheap to buy as babies (unlike cattle, goats and sheep), but really simple to raise. The only hard part is keeping them confined if your fences are bad (as ours were) and getting attached to them (they can be quite sweet and very intelligent). they do provide a lot of meat for the cost of raising them. Just my two-three cents!!!

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