Saturday, March 15, 2008

time to get busy

this week i purchased 60# of potatoes. the people at the garden center were kind of amazed. they admitted to me that they don't grow many (any) vegetables and have no clue how many that is. they are used to people buying 1-2# or so.

i pretty much bought out their supply of seed potatoes:

20# kennebec
20# yukon gold
20# pontiac

i also did what i could in purchasing the potting soil mix. i cannot for the life of me find green sand online or in real life. anyone? i suppose i'll just mix up what i have and call it wonderful. if anyone could even recommend a great substitute for it i'd appreciate it as i'm itching to get these soil blocks created and seeds started!

all but 3-4 of my 50 seeds for tomatoes are up. i'm hoping the rest will follow. unfortunately, neither my broccoli or cabbage has come up. i'll attempt to restart with some other seed i have but it may be getting too late.

hopefully, greg will be putting up a fence this weekend to keep out the chickens as they have completely destroyed the area i sowed in radishes, turnips, lettuce, carrots, beets and kale. i am not very pleased with them at the moment. they don't usually go in the garden area this early but i suppose they saw me poking about in there and decided to investigate.

garlic is looking well. this week when it warms up a bit more, i'll head out and fertilize them with either a compost tea or fish emulsion (if we have any left) and then as soon as the electric company delivers a load of mulch, i'll mulch them. i have enough left over from my previous load of 2 years ago that i could probably use that too.

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Anonymous said...


Fedco carries greensand.

Hope that helps!

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