Monday, March 10, 2008

creeping closer to spring

hope my random 7 didn't frighten anyone off! :D

i didn't get out to separate cinnamon and the buckling last night but i still milked her this am. i waited until 10:30 since first light found me trapped in bed with sage who kept wanting to nurse. i got over 20 oz! i could have gotten a bit more but she started getting skittish and i didn't want to push it since this is her 2nd time milking and i was a bad milk maid all last year by not getting her familiar with the stanchion as i should have. i have enough to make a quart of yogurt today! hooray. i'll start it this afternoon and let it 'cook' all night long and we'll have fresh yogurt first thing in the am.

i hope to run out and milk her again this afternoon. she seems to hold a lot of extra milk in her udder and i don't want to risk her drying up any. the buckling (i really need to name him) seems to be getting enough though. he is very friendly. just doesn't like to be separated from his mama. when i milk cinnamon, i bring him in with us and he stands on the stanchion next to her, not trying to nurse, just hanging out. he is such a cutie. i suppose if i can't sell him, i'll just rent him out in the fall to earn his keep. he's too good of a goat breeding wise to become dinner. his mama's udder is wonderful!

i'm hoping my soil block maker will arrive soon. i have a lot of seedlings to start. hopefully, greg can get the greenhouse up this week too. our first batch of seedlings are sprouting. (thanks to the omelays for the awesome seeds).

this week is busy! i'll be focusing on getting us up and running for selling raw milk and eggs legally. we've been getting close to 4 dozen eggs a day now. we must get certified so we can sell to local shops!

wednesday is my monthly herbal study group and this thurday, a local paper is interviewing me. she wants to do a piece on spring and new life. i told her i don't have a lot of newness yet as it's still too soon but i'm sure we'll come up with something. at least we have the baby buck. maybe i can buy some seedlings from my local garden center (i am friends with the owner) and i can plug them as well.


Gina said...

The little buck is very cute-I love his spots!

I have a Nubian doeling on hold, but we haven't even started on our fencing yet. I wish spring would move a bit quicker.

Oh, and your 7 seemed normal to this weird girl ;-)

hillbilly2be said...

I've thought about getting a soil block maker for years. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works, hope ya post something about it. Also, always thought about those newspaper seedling cups... But I'm still just using the same old 6-packs and plastic cups.

This weird guys thinks you are normal too. Who has time to bathe in spring? :)


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