Sunday, March 2, 2008

seed starting fun

today i sat outside and shelled okra pods for their seed (we'll see how good they germinate, i've never had much luck with saving okra seed for some reason) since we had cleaned out the okra patch yesterday. the pods have sat out all winter getting rained on and snowed on and everything else. in the past, i've always brought them in and they sucked so i figured i'd try the mother nature route this year.

i sowed radishes, mustard greens, turnips, carrots and lettuce. we'll see if it's too early as temps are supposed to drop overnight from the mid-70's of today down to the 20's. 3-6" snow predicted for tuesday. early spring is such a roller coaster!

i also sowed most of our tomato seeds today, most of them a gift from the o'melays. last night, i ordered a soil block maker from the peddler's wagon over at path to freedom. once that arrives i'll start our peppers and a few other miscellaneous early season seeds using the soil blocks. hopefully by then, the greenhouse will be up and i can stash them outside as i am out of room on my inside table for starting seeds. not to mention, outside they'll be safer from the bear aka sage.

still no kids but i could swear i couldn't feel any ligaments on either doe and today greg and i witnessed a strand of mucus (the plug?) dripping from cinnamon's far end. i also felt her baby move this morning as she was laying down resting and i was petting her. i am hoping she has a single birth. she's just to darned little to have anything more and the baby's will be too small as it is. i'll check on them before i go to bed and try to get up during the night if sage allows me. i wish they would have had them today while it was warm out. the next two days are not going to be very hospitable for their arrival.

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shannon said...

Twins are usually the easier birth for does since their individual weights/sizes will be lower - after being bred selectively so long for twins, single births are where you get the big headed babies. Just try to stick close by and be ready to give her a hand, literally :), if she needs it. Keep us posted!

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