Sunday, March 23, 2008

down on the farm(ette)

ginger, bursting with baby(ies), lavender and moondog aka moonie:

rue and cinnamon, the self sucking goat . yes, she self sucks which is the end of her milking career. most likely, she'll become goat burgers now unless i can create and udder boot to keep her from self sucking. i'm very upset over this as she had great milking potential:
rue again. he is adorable and very loveable. he and jaden dance. i'll have to get a picture:
unnamed baby goat. maybe nettles. not sure of her future, it depends if she has 2 openings in her teats. she is the friendliest of the two:
unnamed doeling. i was going to name her elderberry but it depends on her future here. she too may have the teat problem and she's very sickly...diarrhea off and on, sores on her bottom (possibly because of the diarrhea) and goopy eyes. i'm giving her herbs to try to boost her immune system:
this is their mama. she is wild but once i get her on the stanchion, she is calm as can be. unfortunately, her teats both have double openings and milking is torturous (for me). it comes out slow and in different directions and her production is weak (12 oz). and, there's the abscess. they are isolated from the others in another barn and i'm working on getting the kids used to bottle feeding. we have a potential buyer to take her (for slaughter). it's unfortunate but it must be done:
i forgot to photograph thistle and her crazily wild doeling.


knitsteel said...

It is sad, but also the logical choice on the farm.
I've had curried slow-cooked goat meat at an Indian friend's house. It was delicious.

Does your family eat it or sell it?

Phoebe Gleeson said...

Is Cinnamon self-sucking because she was so young to have her first kid?

hillbilly2be said...

I saw my first baby goats a few days ago, while getting some manure from a local lady. They sure look like a lot of fun, skipping around.


Danielle said...

I have never heard of a self sucking goat before...that is so interesting.

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