Sunday, March 9, 2008

seeds and milk

a friend and i did some seed swapping today...she brought me wando peas and some sort of sugar snap peas (oregon something) and i gave her half my okra seeds.

she also brought me my onion plants.

both were purchased from morgan county seed company. ridiculously low prices, excellent seeds. where else can you purchase 1 lb. of wando peas for $1.60? and onion plants are .95/bunch. unfortunately, the onion variety is sparse (no long term keepers).

i placed an herb seed order today at thyme garden. i'm a bit disappointed in myself. i was distracted by the little ones and trying to get the order done and so instead of crossing all the prices/quantities with a few seed sites, i just got them from there. (which i have always had great luck with their seeds). i think i could done better if i could have focused and concentrated. that's life with little ones. oh well. i am excited because this year, i have a restaurant client i'll be selling herbs to. we'll see if it's worth the time and effort.

for fun, i milked cinnamon today. i got 12 oz. even though the baby was on her all day. that's pretty good. i hope to separate them tonight and start milking her every morning. she is a sweet little milker! very easy to milk. even though her teats are skinny, they are long enough. she's got great potential!

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