Tuesday, November 2, 2010

field trips and sewing projects

egads! already almost forgot i'm supposed to do a daily post...it's going to be a long month!

today we are headed to the bird sanctuary to see the white pelicans and the trumpeter swans (the latter and just now starting to arrive). it should be a fun afternoon! we will be reviewing a bit about pelicans today and tomorrow we'll talk about the swans. i wasn't expecting them to be there so soon so i didn't prepare anything about them.

i found a sweater jacket that i fell in love with. problem is, 1. it's too big for me and 2. it's $225! ouch! so, i'm going to start collecting sweaters from the thrift shop and make my own. here is a link on etsy to it:


this one is amazing too:

i also like the ones in this seller's shop:


and the upcycled sleeves in this shop:


i have been wanting some of these for awhile and even made my own out of old socks but didn't like how the ends frayed....i can use some sweater cuffs to embellish them and make them nicer! i should join the wardrobe re-fashion, lol since i have all these ambitions projects in mind. now we'll see if i can actually follow through with them!

does anyone know where i could find a pattern for these sweater coats? i have seen several sellers on etsy selling them and they all look the same...there must be a pattern out there somewhere or are they just really smart and can recreate the same thing?


tabitha said...

I can't imagine it would be hard to make such coats, or that you'd need a pattern. I have boxes of old felted sweaters in every color from thrift shops... and the best thing is, if you fail you are not out much and can start over.

Have fun with the birds!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have inspired me!

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