Monday, November 8, 2010

indian summer

it has been a nice breezy day today in the 70's. laundry dries quickly on the line and i try to take advantage of it and get caught up before winter's coldness forces me to hang laundry by the fire to dry. i always seem to almost get caught up and then we have a rainy streak or life gets to crazy and i forget to keep at it and before i know it, there are 5 loads of laundry piled up in the bedroom waiting to be washed.

a bonus for this weather is the kids are outside playing and it is QUIET in the house right now!!

i need to make another 50 or so wipes for us. i think we are down to about 54 now. even though only 3 of us use them full time, we go through those wipes very quickly. although i can and have hand washed them,  i'd rather just have a larger load since between them and the cloth diapers we use for wiping up messes constantly, i generally have a load of laundry once a week just for wipes and diapers.

the time change has spiraled us down into the darkness. i loathe this time of year, it depresses me. i bought several full spectrum light bulbs, i need to install them. i'm really hoping to skip sad this year. last year hit me hard and i'd rather not go there again. i feel like i'm still trying to recover from it.

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