Thursday, November 18, 2010

fun with bleach dying

 now, normally i don't use a lot of bleach in my house but my sink needed a bit of cleaning and i had just purchased 2 pieces of clothing from the thrift shop that were stark black. i wore black for years and now have an aversion to it and tend to shy away from it but i found a short sleeved top and a leotard for really cheap that i liked and thought to myself 'why not bleach them?!' the intent was to bleach them out and then tea dye them but i found the bleach turned them a lovely shade of brown in the leotard's case and a multi colored patchwork of browns and tans for the shirt.

the sleeves, upper back panel and tie all bleached out to a tan as did the eyelet lace. the rest of the fabric turned a dark brown. why the actual fabric dyed differently, i have no idea. i found it interesting and like the patchwork effect.

here is a close up of the different lace colors. i love the reddish brown hues they changed to!:
i'm thinking of immersing it into a tea bath to darken up the greyish-tan portions a bit but other than that, i love it!

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