Friday, November 5, 2010

holidays - round 1

that time of the year is coming and while i'd rather run off to belize for the next 2 months, i don't have the money to do that so i'm stuck here dealing with well meaning family who thinks spreading holiday cheer is all about the goods. and while i've done my best to convince them otherwise, it just isn't happening so i'm in search of ideas.

the simple dollar has a great suggestion that i've done before using drawings instead of photographs: blank notecards. i like the idea of using personal pictures that will have meaning to the recipient! i think a few notecards w/envelopes, a bar or two of soap, a hand knitted wash cloth and perhaps a jar of honey will make the perfect gift for the majority of the people on my 'list.'

and in the meantime, i'll keep dreaming of that plane ticket to belize! maybe i'll even get my passport renewed!

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