Sunday, November 14, 2010

i like your style

greg, sage and i went to a thrift shop together and as we were leaving, a very well dressed, beautiful african american woman approached me and said 'i like your style!'

greg was quite tickled by this. he said no one has ever told him they like his style. lol

i guess some got it and some don't.


personally, i don't really feel stylish, although i must admit, i do tend to dress in a bohemian, gypsy, hippy sort of style. i constantly wish i had more talent to put together more funkier looks similar to rising appalachia sisters chloe and leah and other fabulous women. i'm not very good about that sort of thing.

how about you? what's your style?


Maria said...

:-)I think I'd say my style is 'frumpy' :-) I've always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I've tried to wear a little lipstick or put on some jewelery to dress myself up a bit, but that usually lasts for about a week and then I forget. I did just take myself out shopping (a RARE thing for me) to get some snappier clothes... still t-shirt style, but with buttons or embellishments. My 7 year old, on the other hand, was born a fashion designer. I should have her dress me every morning.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Not sure I have a real style. Others have said they like how I dress so style must be hidden in here somewhere.

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