Wednesday, November 3, 2010

herb energetics course opens today at 12pm eastern time!!!!

i have had a sneak preview of this course and all i can say is wow! it is amazing! kiva and john have done a terrific job of creating a learning course that is easy to understand and follow, full of details and learning resources for learning about herb energetics.

here's a story by john gallagher, creator of, and

For many years I worked for Wilderness Awareness School, directing
the Kamana Naturalist Training Program.

What often drew people to the program was the fact you learned all
the birds, plants, trees, mammals and more that lived around you.

However, the real magic in the program was that you used your 5
senses to get to know one place outdoors over a period of years. It
heightened your observation and awareness skills so you could
REALLY connect with nature in a way that no book or short class
could ever teach you.

I worked the "phone shift" for Kamana, and I was always amazed at
the weekly stories that students would call in.

In other words, the program took them to places that could never
write in a brochure.  

This is because a personal relationship between a person and
nature, a bond, was created.

***What does this have to do with Herb Energetics?***

I first heard about herbal energetics about 10 years ago during an
herbal apprenticeship. They tried to teach me in a few books that
were out at the time, but it NEVER clicked.

Then one day I was at a friends place who lives in the deep forest
here in the Pacific Northwest.

She came back from California with a bad case of poison oak (we do
not have that growing where we live).

She needed a remedy fast, and did not have money to buy anything.
At the time, neither did I. Not even the cash for a package of oats 
or baking soda for a soothing bath.

I knew the names of many of the plants in the forest already, and
knew which were safe to taste.

I tried a plant named "salal," which is a relative to blueberry.

When I tried it, it dried out my mouth. It was also not spicy or
pungent like garlic or ginger. 

In other words, it was "astringent" and "cooling."

Then I thought, poison oak (or ivy) is hot to the touch and of
course is "moist." It seeps that yucky stuff after all.

It clicked! Eureka! 

A "cool and drying" herb for a "hot and moist" condition!

We made strong batches of tea with crushed leaves.

She drank some. She also bathed in it.

Well, it relieved the itching and it cleared up much faster than
most remedies.

Did I "discover this" method of learning plant properties on my own?

No. Not really. All that "Kamana training" I had along with
knowledge of the plants in my area sort of lead me to it.

When I started reading Kiva's Blog posts of herbal energetics I
said to myself, "Yeah! I get that! That's just like my salal

Kiva's work has guided me further down that trail, so I am starting
to understand how to learn the energetics of other plants that grow
around me as well. 

This is why I wanted to work with Kiva. To bring you this program.

You might be an HerbMentor member. 

You might be taking herbal classes now, or perhaps you have in the

If you know how to or are learning how to identify plants and work
with them, this course is an excellent "Plug In" for your learning,
as Kamana was for me.

*** Will this course make you an expert on energetics?***

Not at all.

No course can make you an expert at anything.

The only thing that can make you good at something is the time you
take to practice.

Herb Energetics may seem like a simple, 8 module course that will
not take you much time to go through.

However, if you truly practice what is covered, you will begin to
write the story about YOUR personal relationship with the plants.

If you get to a certain level, and then go over it AGAIN...and
AGAIN... then, well, some day you will really feel like you have
internalized the material.

And, as you know, that's true for ANYTHING you learn. Even members know that they only learn the lessons they
DO.. not just READ.

***It SEEMS like Magic!***

BUT... it's really just....

My friend Jon Young, who wrote the Kamana program would say that...

***"It's supernatural! That's because learning about nature is
"super" and it's "natural." ***

It's amazing how mystical something looks when we just start using
the senses we were blessed with at birth.

Herbal energetics, no matter where you learn it, is another key
into another story of learning about plants.  You add this to your
other stories, like the stories of the remedies you make, the
plants you learn that grow around you, and the stories you have of
personally using plant medicine.

hurry though, registration is limited and only open for a limited time!! and, there's absolutely NO risk. if you take the course and then decide it wasn't worth the money, your money will be refunded, no questions asked! i seriously doubt anyone will be disappointed though, it is just THAT good! 

click on over there and sign up today!

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