Sunday, November 7, 2010

love life

"If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of."
 ~ Bruce Lee

sometimes it's so easy getting caught up in the mundane of life that i forget this. i can waste hours of my life online searching for and reading random things as well as searching for things that pertain to my work. i struggle with finding a balance between doing all this work and having time to spend with my family. how do we find the balance? 

i am bursting with ideas and plans for herbal roots but life/time is not on my side. my thoughts dwell, perhaps a little too much, on how to solve this problem. perhaps if i spent less time dwelling and more time doing, i would achieve more? part of my problem lies in having the tools or knowledge to do what i want to do as well. 

networking has helped a bit but i still flounder...trying to upgrade my website and add elements/graphics/etc. to make it flow better is very frustrating for me...researching costs for creating audio-cds leads to having to design the cover of the damned things! leads to me getting frustrated over not having 1 stand alone logo for herbal roots that people can learn to recognize, a sort of branding of sorts...time, that is QUIET time to actually record the cd's is scarce and generally at the time of day when i'd rather be sleeping...late at night or early in the to invest in published books, calendars, binders and other elements i'd like to add to the business....these are all things i waste time pondering....

i have spent 3 days re-vamping the sales page and i'm STILL not finished with it. oye! i just can't figure out where to get or create the graphics i picture in my head. maybe i'm just too much of a perfectionist?!

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