Tuesday, November 16, 2010

scale down

this song is a great reminder to get rid of the clutter...every time i listen to it i am inspired. if only i could get the rest of my family as inspired, sigh.

in other news, i sewed 24 new wipes for us. i'd like to do another 3 dozen and then we'll have about 100. the downside is more to hang on laundry day, lol. it's tedious to stack and hang them 5 at a time!


Just another Village Wise Woman said...

So funny, I recently discovered their web via a course I am taking. I love their music and this song/video is fantastic!

tansy said...

the herb energetics course? how are you enjoying the course?

Just another Village Wise Woman said...

I am enjoying it very much! It's interesting to me how much of the learning I've done in herbalism, spills out over into the other areas of my life. As if the plants will not allow themselves to be compartmentalized. Being the weedy wonders they are, they infiltrate.:-)

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