Thursday, November 4, 2010

shear fun

we still have our sheep. the guy who was supposed to buy them flaked on me at least 3 times and i gave up on him. so, we currently have 9 sheep with probably another dozen on the way and they have been busier than bunnies out there.

we've slowly been shearing them on the weekends when greg is home (october is notoriously busy in the institutional architecture field for weekend 'retreats' to gain more clients). we have sheared 6 and have 3 left, the smallest but wildest 3.

to make matters MORE fun, the electric shears broke on the 2nd sheep we sheared so we are hand shearing them. i am put on butt and head detail because the wool matts so closely to the skin and greg is afraid he'll clip their skin. it's slow going and sheep do not like their butt hairs trimmed but it has to be done!

this time, we also have the added bonus of them being a giant prickly patch as they got into the cockleburs and are covered with them. makes greg's job of catching them (basically by body slamming them to the ground and holding on for dear life while i throw a rope around their necks) extra thrilling, lol. needless to say, i think next year, he'll pay more attention when i say 'ummm, that entire side pasture is a cocklebur field, you might want to mow it down before they flower and go to seed!'

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Shannon said...

That's a whole lotta lamb! Do you have buyers? Is their wool any good for spinning? I had our fleeces processed in MI and am having a great time with them!

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